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Professional Services

Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need an experienced professional to take on a larger scale project, we can handle it all. We offer top-notch work at fair and competitive prices. Contact us today for a quote.


HDD (Boring)

Horizontal Directional Drilling

A trenchless, steerable method of installing various types of pipe, conduits, and cables underground.  The benefits of boring is the minimal impact to the surface and the surrounding area where the product is installed.  It also gives the advantage of drilling underneath permanent structures without damage or removal. We can bore up to 1200 ft in length and 50 ft in depth, with pipes ranging from 1" to 18" in diameter.  We also have the capability to bore on grade.

Hydro Vac

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Process of using pressurized water and a vacuum to safely expose underground infrastructure such as utility, gas, and water lines.  The benefit of Hydro Excavation is that it is a safe and non-destructive alternative to backhoes and digging trenches which poses many safety hazards.  The other clear advantage is speed, projects can be completed in hours that normally take days to complete.

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Ground Work

There are so many different types of excavation projects, and we can handle them all.  From Mini Excavators to large Trackhoes, we have the machinery to keep your projects on pace.  Digging trenches and holes; Demolition; Landscaping/Grading; Construction and etc.

HDPE Pipe Fusing

Butt Fusion

This process consists of simultaneous heating of the ends of two pipe components which are to be joined, until a molten state is attained on each contact surface.  The two surfaces are then brought together under controlled pressure for a specific cooling time and a homogeneous fusion joint is formed.  We perform this type of fusion for all types of utilities.  The size ranges from 2" up to 24".

Fixing a Pipe
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